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The unsettled weather we’ve had recently has been quite welcome by me.

I love being indoors and hearing the sound of the rain beating down outside.

But this sound has been interrupted by the voices of my two daughters who, on a day when the front door will be kept shut at all times, need to be kept entertained.

So I’ve had to transform into the boredom buster to try and find ways to keep them happy.

I felt that if my eldest daughter Caitlin muttered the words ‘I’m bored’ I would have failed in my mission.

Of course I could easily have put on the TV and turned it to one of the children’s channels.

But I don’t like the TV being the baby-sitter, so I tried to think of what we could do together to make the time pass.

Thinking back to when I was at school didn’t really help.

If it was raining at break time we’d be put in the big assembly hall in front of the TV and they would put on a film – normally The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

This annoyed me as break was only 20 minutes long. Just as the film would get going, it would be time to go back to class to learn our times tables.

Even more annoying was that on the next wet break, the teachers could never remember where we’d got so would start the same film from the beginning. I don’t think I ever watched the complete film.

So I thought about playing that classic old party game musical statues instead, because I loved it when I was a kid.

But Alyssa is too young and it doesn’t really work with just one person. So that idea went down the drain.

Then I thought we could make some cakes and I could show them both that daddy’s cooking skills can be just as good as mummy’s.

But on inspection of the food cupboards we were all out of the necessary cake-making items.

I needed to give this more thought and did a Worzel Gummidge – changing my normal head for a two-year-old head.

The young head was saying ‘Let’s make some mess’. So that’s exactly what we did.

I got the paint that Caitlin got for Christmas out, along with lots of paper and a big cup of water and we did some painting.

I couldn’t quite tell you what we painted, it was just a colourful mess on a piece of A4 paper.

Well, not only the paper. Paint was also splashed on the table and the walls.

So now it was my turn to show them that daddy could clean up just as well as mummy.

Of course, I got the girls to help me. And we called that the clean-up game.