Raise a glass to the pub that’s Best Bar None

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It’s not often we get to bring you a good news story about pubs.

A lot of the time we’re reporting on the latest one to be converted into flats or a supermarket.

Which is why it’s great to be able to announce The News Best Bar None winner is The Woodpecker in Waterlooville.

The victory is extra sweet as it’s the second year in a row it has taken the title.

And what do those who run it put the win down to?

Simple – being at the heart of their community.

Landlords Jayne Tilsley and Miles Treece say they pride themselves on exactly that.

Quite rightly, they’re very proud of winning.

But, interestingly, they see themselves as custodians of the pub, keeping it safe and making sure it succeeds long into the future.

They aim to make themselves indispensable to their locals and, through fundraising, ensure they make a difference to their wider community.

There’s a lesson there that everyone can learn from.

It’s the people that helped The Woody scoop the accolade, but it was the landlords’ own community work that drove its success.

So whether you’re running a pub, or indeed any other kind of business, you can learn from the ongoing success of The Woody.

If you’re there for your community, they’ll be there for you.

If more people followed that mantra, then maybe we’d be seeing fewer boarded-up shops and closed pubs.

We’re doing our bit with our weekly Love Your Local and Shop Local pages, but it’s really the community that makes or breaks a business.

So let’s all take a moment to raise a glass to The Woody. Cheers to its success and let’s hope it continues for many years to come.

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