Ralph loves our messy eaters

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I did wonder how our dog Ralph would react now there are children in the house.

He’s a springer spaniel so full of excitement and love. But at one time he had all our attention and for a while there he was the baby of the house.

Now there are two just-as-excitable girls and their toys, books and dolls take up all of his valuable floor-sleeping space.

I need not have worried though. He is great with the girls and to be honest doesn’t take that much notice of them.

I do think he’s secretly pleased with them in one respect though.

Like all dogs, Ralph loves his food and many times I’ve been tucking into my dinner and seen him staring at me with his mouth watering.

I love my food too though so he doesn’t get a look in.

But now there’s an independent two-year-old who likes to feed herself and she can be messy.

When that piece of food drops on the floor, he moves faster than the speed of light to mop it up.

Ralph particularly loves it when spaghetti Bolognaise is on the menu.