Rarely has an accolade been more deserved

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War is a strange beast and one that’s changed beyond all recognition over the past 100 years.

Now, it can be waged by remote control – a drone being steered from the safety of a base hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the target.

In the First World War, hand-to-hand combat played a part. By the time of the Second World War, planes played a vital role in conflict.

And some of these raids, including Dortmund, Dresden and Essen, were key moments in the war. Which is why it’s fantastic so read the story of Laurie Davis on page 5 today.

Brave Laurie joined the legendary Bomber Command when he was just 20 and went on to completed 12 daring raids over Germany.

Many were not so fortunate as him and never returned from these night-time missions.

The numbers are truly horrifying. In total, Bomber Command lost 55,573 of its airmen.

Take a moment to consider that.

Now he may have waited nearly 70 years for his Bomber Command clasp, but rarely can an accolade such as this have been more deserved and fought for, both at the time and in the intervening years.

It’s shameful that, as Laurie puts it, the ‘politics’ meant he almost nearly didn’t get it at all.

A six-month wrangle with the Ministry of Defence should have been something the MoD could sort with a simple phone call.

But common sense has prevailed and tonight Mr Davis will be officially presented with the clasp.

He says ‘it’s and honour to get it for all those who couldn’t be here’. And we echo that sentiment.

We should all take a moment today to remember the sacrifices that were made for us in years gone by. And be thankful people like Laurie were there to make them.