Readers dig deep...but it’s not a surprise to us

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LESLEY KEATING: A white-knuckle pursuit ending with a lesson in trust

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In times of trouble it’s often the positive in people that comes to the fore.

And that’s exactly what’s happened at the Beneficial Foundation.

The foundation helps young people with learning difficulties train for employment.

It was collecting cash for a DVD player in its Milton shop to showcase its work until thieves took the collection bottle. It contained around £40, which might not sound like a lot, but was very much a step in the right direction.

But it was what happened next that Jennie Brent, the organisation’s chief executive, said restored her faith in the people of Portsmouth. After the story appeared in The News, generous readers dug deep and came up with an impressive £630 and two DVD players were donated.

That generosity is also demonstrated in our story on page 15 of schoolchildren and neighbours helping a cancer charity get back on its feet after a break-in. More than £2,500 has been raised for the Harbour Cancer Support Centre since yobs broke in and trashed it two weeks ago.

As Jennie says in the article ‘it goes to show there are many more good people than evil ones out there’.

And here at The News, we couldn’t agree more.

Time and time again, when we tell you a story of people in trouble, victims of crime or families facing heartbreak over the cost of care for their sick children, you dig deep.

One of the best examples of this is through our annual Blue Days which have raise tens of thousands of pounds for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust.

But there are countless other examples of the difference readers’ generosity can make, and this against the backdrop of the ongoing recession and rising food and fuel prices.

It’s easy to think sometimes that society is so wrapped up in its problems and that people don’t have the time or inclination to help others.

But then we see heartwarming stories when generosity, like the Beneficial Foundation and the Harbour Cancer Support Centre received, makes a real difference to people’s lives.