Reason I always wear my drawers

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As I clambered into the adult play swing suspended from Southampton TV’s studio ceiling, I was told my co-presenter had gone ‘commando’ so couldn’t do it.

‘Brilliant’, I muttered thinking he was off on secret manoeuvres, and I was stuck getting into this dangerous-looking contraption.

‘What’s commando ?’ I enquired. ‘No knickers on’, came the reply.

As he was dressed in a French maid’s outfit, filming could get dodgy.

We were filming a 
series of late night lighthearted adult programmes

I was reminded of it when I read recently that one in five men, and the occasional woman, go out clubbing commando.

Well, I think it’s all a bit unhygienic dear.

And my mum always told me to ensure I had clean drawers on in case I got run over and had to go to hospital.