Reasons to be cheerful that it’s time to get back to normal life

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Thousands of us will have gone back to work this week after a fairly long Christmas and new year break.

So, to try to cheer you up a bit, here’s a list of reasons I’ve come up with as to why you should be happy about going back to work:

n You won’t have to fake any friendly Christmas cheer with people you hate at work – you can go back to just ignoring them again.

n You’ll get free heating – after nearly two weeks of having your heating on at home during the cold spell, finally someone else will be paying to keep you warm.

n You can get away from moaning, whining or screaming kids…unless you work in a nursery!

n The fact that you won’t have done any actual work for a day because you spent seven hours reading all the pointless e-mails that have been sent to you over the festive holiday period.

n After spending all that time with members of your family, it’s great to go back to doing the morning commute where you can spend time with a group of strangers that don’t criticise everything about you and want to know everything you’ve been up to since you last saw them!

n I can think of one sector that has probably looked forward to getting back to work this week – those who work in retail, as it’s going to be a lot more relaxing than the last few weeks have been!

n There are many classic films that celebrate 30 years since release in 2015. Do you remember any of these?

1. Back To The Future - shouldn’t we be on hover boards by now?

Oh, actually you can now pre-order a hover board.

2. The Goonies – Goonies stars Josh Brolin and Sean Austin really will be 47 and 44 years old respectively in 2015. Sigh.

3. Desperately Seeking Susan – remember when Madonna made films?