Red faces from boobies to bellies

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On the Heart Breakfast Show presenters Rich and Zoe were talking about the times you said the wrong things in public when you when you were a child.

This is every parent’s worst nightmare. You’re out in a public space and your child blurts out a word or sentence that is enough to make your face turn a bright shade of red.

Children tend to get a free pass for social awkwardness. They’re allowed to say words in front of strangers that an adult wouldn’t dare let leave their mouths.

One Heart listener got in touch with the show and told us about her three-year-old daughter who liked to eat blueberries. She was in the supermarket when her daughter shouted, at the top of her voice: ‘Mum, don’t forget the boobies’.

This reminded me of when I was at Gunwharf Quays with my four-year-old daughter. A man with a sizeable belly was walking towards us and she blurted out in front of him ‘that’s what happens when you eat too much’. She was right... and my face was crimson.