Reduced section is the real measure of a supermarket

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LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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Regular readers will know that I’m an Asda girl with the occasional foray to Lidl to stock up on jelly babies, sandwich bags and dog treats.

You have to be so specific when shopping there, don’t you? I mean, go with a list, otherwise you come home with a six-foot German sausage and a 83-piece socket wrench set.

Anyway, sometimes I also nip into Morrisons. I like it in there, particularly the cold, misty spray over the vegetables.

I’m quite convinced it’ll do nothing to aid the longevity of the produce once it gets into my trolley and fridge, but I do find it very seductive.

It makes me think that I’m picking vegetables out of the fields at dawn, dressed in a long white gown with flowers woven through my hair, in a Druid-like experience.

But the real measure of a supermarket comes in its reduced section. Waitrose has the best (you can often pick up a decent hunk of yummy meat) and Morrisons comes an excellent second.

Asda’s almost out-of-date stuff is not so marvellous, as it’s always hundreds of the same products like sausage rolls or coleslaw. Not much to pick and choose from.

But this week Morrisons’ reduced stock let me down badly. I spied two packs of chicken goujons which had previously been on offer, only to discover that the price they’d been reduced to was now more expensive than the offer.

They’d been two packets for £3, but were now £1.62 each. So I asked a couple of floor staff, who confirmed that the policy on reduced items is to take them out of previous offers, thus making them more expensive even though they were ‘on the turn’.

I decided to stand in the aisles and conduct a customer poll as to what percentage of shoppers thought this policy was a load of old pants. But at this point my husband appeared with the look of one who knows his wife is settling into middle age with too much glee and dragged me to the checkouts.

Instead I had a word with a lovely manager. I know the maths is simple, but not all people will see that, I argued.

So I urge all of you. If you see this policy in action, mention it and we might get fairer deals in future.