Relationship advice from Bieber?

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LESLEY KEATING: A white-knuckle pursuit ending with a lesson in trust

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Robbie Williams has revealed that he doesn’t care about the sex of his future baby. He said ‘Baby girl or baby boy? I’m truly not bothered as long as we have a healthy baba. I can play footie with a boy, but a girl would defo be a daddy’s girl. So we would be blessed with either.’

French superproducer David Guetta will add music mogul to his resume after launching his own record label. The DJ, who has collaborated with Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, and Kelly Rowland is creating his own imprint specialising in electronic music.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has already started work on the follow up to her Talk That Talk album. She said: ‘I’m definitely thinking about the next record. I’m a multi-tasker. Right now we’re working on collecting and creating the sound first before we even start working on the lyrical direction or melodies. I kind of have an idea though, and it’s very rough right now. So I’m eager to start that.’

Lily Allen has admitted she is jealous of Abbey Crouch’s post-pregnancy body. Though if you’re stood next to Peter Crouch in most of your photos then you’re bound to look attractive by comparison!

Olly Murs has confirmed that ITV wants him to return to The Xtra Factor.

ITV2 want a guy who has great chemistry with Caroline Flack, but doesn’t have to be tucked up in bed by 8pm.

Justin Bieber has just released Boyfriend. About the song, he says, To be a great boyfriend you have to have patience and... you’re always wrong when it comes to girls, you’re always wrong, so just say sorry when things are rough.’

Wise beyond his years. Thanks for the advice, Justin, but it’s easy to have patience when you’re getting chased around by half the girls in the world.

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