Remain vigilant about TV usage

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Technology has such a vast influence on our world. Young people are surrounded by it as they grow up and as a result find it near impossible to escape.

One medium that absolutely fascinates me, and has done so ever since I studied communication and culture, is television.

For hours on end, many of us plant ourselves before a TV screen and submerge ourselves in a variety of programmes.

Television has been, and will be for years to come, a substantial form of entertainment in our homes.

Millions of families across the globe seek entertainment from the small screen rather than seeking different ways to interact with each other.

TV isn’t only entertaining, but it’s educational. Viewing various programmes has benefited society and individuals so much.

Imagine if we didn’t have any form of visual images in our homes. Imagine a life with no iPlayer, OnDemand, Netflix or whatever else can be thought up.

How different would your life be without a TV?

Television has affected our lives substantially; positively and negatively. For some it is a haven and for others it may be something they wish to be freed from.

It’s ridiculous how influential and dominant TV can be in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old natter about current programmes. I also love to put my feet up, escape from the world and stuff my face with rubbish food whilst watching a show.

But I know when the appropriate time to do that is. I understand that areas of my life have to be prioritised before I allow myself to be a couch potato.

The concern I have is that there are too many people in the world that are missing out on opportunities as a result of a TV.

Is it that we allow our minds to be guided by content produced for TV too much?

I’m a huge enthusiast of anything technology-related, but I believe that whilst we embrace anything regarding it, we need to know the consequences of consuming too much too often.

I think that technology has the power to tear relationships apart. I also feel that it can corrupt the way we communicate with each other.

Technology can also mould our security and privacy hugely. And unless you have a thorough understanding of the mediums complementing it, many may be placed at risk.

TV is great, but always remain vigilant about how much of it you consume – and think of what you could be doing instead.