Removal men spilled all my underwear on the pavement

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I’ve finally moved house and am now back living in Fareham.

It’s a little strange not being woken up by squawking Southsea seagulls, or the fog horns that go off in the harbour.

The moving process wasn’t without its dramas, but to be fair I’m a dramatic kinda gal!

Firstly, after my careful packing Mr Muscles the removal hunk decided to spill my entire underwear collection all over the pavement for every man and his dog to see.

Then yours truly went and lost her door keys.

I had no choice but to call out a locksmith to rescue me.

He got me in, but I got landed with a bill for £132 .

Yet despite the dodgy start, I’m still happy to be back in the town where I grew up.

Fareham holds a lot of memories for me.