Respect to Matthew - he’s getting paid to put on weight!

Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells and Edgar Ramirez as Michael Acosta in Gold
Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells and Edgar Ramirez as Michael Acosta in Gold
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Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of a movie geek.

Watching films is my favourite thing to do.

In my opinion, nothing beats a good trip to the cinema and I take the experience very seriously.

Anyway, I have to now I have a movie review channel, Queen of the Screen, on YouTube.

Last Friday we went to the cinema to see Matthew McConaughey’s new film Gold ,which is based on the true story of Kenny Wells, a smalltown American guy with a big dream of, well, gold.

His family were in the mining business and Kenny was always chasing the big dream of scoring himself a fortune by finding a gold mine.

One night he had a dream that such gold was in Indonesia, so in the middle of the night he upped and left, taking all his prized possessions to a pawn shop so he could buy the plane ticket.

I don’t know why this film hasn’t received good reviews, because in my opinion it’s excellent.

Matthew, who usually plays gorgeous-looking buff characters, had to put on three stone for the role.

Apparently he ate pizza and doughnuts for breakfast…now that’s the dream, people!

Seriously, just for a second let’s pay some respect to the man – he’s getting paid to put on weight!

I think he plays the part of Kenny excellently and his sidekick Edgar Ramirez gives viewers the eye candy that is normally Matthew’s role.

So all in all it was a win-win. It’s not an Oscar-worthy movie, but if you fancy going to see a film that offers something a little bit different, I recommend Gold.

However, if you really want to see something quite special, then go see the new T2 movie.

It’s the sequel to Trainspotting, which is absolutely excellent and so well done.

Shameless plug coming up, but if each week you want to find out what film you should go to the cinema to see, I recommend you check out my You Tube channel.

I’m brutally honest about the movies and, trust me, I don’t always have positive things to say!


Phillip Schofield is one of TV’s true legends. A bit like Bruce Forsyth and Terry Wogan.

But his experience of live TV didn’t stop him from slightly losing his rag with Portsmouth-born Kim Woodburn.

Upon her eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house, she went on This Morning, as they all usually do, for a sit-down with Phillip and Holly Willoughby.

Kim, who regularly flew off the handle on CBB, took an instant dislike to Phillip and wasn’t shy about letting him know. Although he tried to keep his cool, you could see he was losing it.

If nothing else, Kim has certainly left her mark – which is a good thing for her as I suspect we might not be seeing much of her on the telly after this.


I was shocked to hear the very sad news that former ‘It’ girl and all-round London party animal Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has died at the age of 45.

She had reportedly been diagnosed with a brain tumour a while back, but was undergoing treatment.

It’s so very tragic when someone of that age passes – it doesn’t matter who they are.

Forty-five is no age really, is it?

Tara had quite the reputation for living a party lifestyle and I think it’s fair to say that in her 45 years she packed in more than most do in a much longer lifetime.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and I’m sure London won’t quite be the same without one of its main party girls out there on the scene