Response has proved there are still many good people

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In this world there are some people who are just bad. But it’s important to acknowledge that the over-whelming majority are good and kind.

That’s certainly been proved to be true in the case of Aston Muff.

Ever since we reported how his walking frame had been feared stolen, we’ve been inundated with offers of help and support.

Aston’s story clearly touched a lot of people and we’re delighted to report that as a direct result of their generosity, this young lad will get a new frame.

That’s great news and children who go to the Child Development Centre in Locksway Road, Milton, are also set to receive a boost because Aston’s mum, Susan, is happy for the rest of the money that’s been donated to go there.

To all those who have given money we say thank you. Your kindness knows no bounds and we’re sure that your generosity will go far in reassuring the Muff family – and the wider community – that there are still plenty of good people around.

Words fail us though when it comes to summing up how we feel about those who are responsible for causing Aston’s upset in the first place.

This youngster has already been through so much in his short life. If it turns out that thieves did indeed turn up and callously throw his frame into the back of their van, they should be hanging their heads in shame.

And the same can be said of those who stripped the metal plaques from the war memorial in Kingston Cemetery.

It’s perhaps easier said than done but the police and council wardens must now make sure that areas likely to be targeted by scrap metal thieves are patrolled properly in the coming weeks and months.

The rest of us also have a vital role to play in making sure that these crooks don’t win.

Aston’s neighbours have told police all they know. We urge anyone else who sees something suspicious to do the same.

Together, we must crack this.

And when the offenders are caught we must make sure that the courts punish them properly. We all have a right to demand that will be the case.