Responsibilities of having a computer in my pocket

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Zella Compton

As Eve did – what a load of tosh that story is – I have taken a bite and found all the secrets of the world spread out before me.

if it goes on much longer I think my Apple, however smart it is, might end up in the garden

Like millions of others, I have invested in an Apple iPhone, a 5S to be exact. It’s new to me, but not a new one.

Wow, the technology involved in it has put all of my old phones, laptops and computers to shame – even if I wrapped them all up in one parcel as a super computer and then threw in my televisions and their pseudo-smartness as well.

I never really believed the hype – until I tried Apple for myself and discovered that I can now watch YouTube to my heart’s content, look through Facebook and generally have the world at my fingertips instead of just being offered it, which was the issue with Android. Tantalising and tempting, but with no follow-through.

Having an Apple phone is rather like having a computer in my pocket and that makes it very handy as sticking my laptop into my jeans is rather tricky, even though they are an excessive size.

Apparently the only thing I can’t do on my phone is use it to write, what with my fat fingers and all.

I find that whole typing part to be a bit of a bind and the reason why I will always go back to my desktop for serious work.

The other aspect of technology that has opened up to me is apps. I never quite got my head around them before, but now I’m shopping for hundreds of techy bits and pieces to make my life easier.

With 20,000 apps being produced a month, you’d think that there’d be quite a few that would make my life simple.

But at what price? With my new phone come new responsibilities, specifically the need to be checking on it every three minutes or so to make sure that it is doing the right thing.

I am at its beck and call, answering whenever it buzzes to tell me it has connected with someone in my world or found out something that it thinks I should know.

And I’m checking that it’s checking all the time.

I wonder if this is the honeymoon period, because if it goes on much longer I think my Apple, however smart it is, might end up in the garden.