Rethink use of ‘reboot’

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Since when has it become fashionable to say ‘reboot’ instead of ‘remake’, when talking about a movie remake?

The new Superman movie is a ‘reboot’; the Christian Bale Batman movies are ‘reboots’.

What’s wrong with saying ‘remakes’ because that’s what they are!

Whoever has got us using this pretentious 
‘reboot’ term instead of ‘re-make’ needs a good ‘make’ up the backside.

Also, be honest. Does anyone really care whe-ther their pizza is either ‘stone-baked’ or ‘wood-fired’?

It’s a pizza, for God’s sake. Surely, just knowing that it’s cooked is going to be enough?

It’s a bit like caring whether the omelette you’re eating was cooked on a gas hob or an electric one.