Review will shed light on issue that affects many

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It’s one of the perennial problems of living in any city.

Those with homes in Portsmouth will always want to be able to park in the street where they live.

And anyone who works in our city will be on the lookout for a free and convenient place to leave their car during the day.

Residents’ parking permits will therefore please some just as much as they will anger others.

But one thing is certain – there has to come a point when Portsmouth City Council says enough might be enough.

With 20 per cent of the city’s streets now covered by parking permits, there will be those who believe we’ve reached saturation point.

We understand why people want to be able to park as close as possible to their home. It’s not just a matter of convenience but also a safety issue for those who don’t want to make their way through neighbouring streets after dark.

It must be very frustrating to come home and find there are no parking spaces available.

At least with a permit, those who live in particularly busy roads – close to places where others work or play – stand more chance of finding a space.

Others don’t like permits, arguing that they are just revenue-makers for councils, and we can understand their arguments too.

New rules on how schemes are voted through are bound to stir up feelings even more and today we can reveal how Percy Road, in Southsea, has been divided because of it.

City councillor Jason Fazackarley says a city-wide review of parking schemes is now needed and we agree.

Parking permits could be scrapped, or caps might be introduced.

There is a real danger that we could see a butterfly effect if changes aren’t made. If residents want permits, that might push the problem into neighbouring roads, in turn forcing others to demand permits of their own.

Portsmouth’s roads are already congested and this issue highlights the need for people to use alternative forms of transport.

Until that happens, we await the results of the review with interest.