RICK JACKSON: Girl power rules – at the age of two

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That's the way to do it
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Those two little words that send dread into the hearts off all parents of toddlers are dominating our lives at the moment. Nappy training!

Freddie is three-and-a-half. He cracked wee-wee’s very quickly. In fact, the other day, while I was putting my two-year-old daughter Holly into her pyjamas after her bath, Freddie really impressed me.

He walked into the bathroom of his own accord, placed the toilet step in front of the loo, stood on it, took down his trousers and pants and went for a wee.

He also remembered to put the plastic blue ball into the toilet for him to aim at. Let’s face it; daddy could do with using that sometimes!

He then took the rest of his clothes off and got into the bath, I didn’t need to say a thing. What a result!

Sadly, things haven’t been so quick in the No2 department. Apologies if this is a bit too graphic, but it’s all we talk about at the moment.

We can’t seem to get Freddie to know when it’s the right time to go. It’s like he knows when he needs a No1, but not a No2.

He’s as regular as clockwork, relying on the good old nappy he still wears to bed at night. As soon as he wakes up, he goes.

We’ve tried everything, to waking him up first, to putting together his very own toilet story book, which we now read religiously each day. Honestly, I know it all off by heart now.

Then, for Freddie, disaster struck. His younger sister, 18 months younger to the day, took a No2 on the toilet before bath time.

Freddie was devastated. How could his younger sibling beat him to it? They do say girls pick these things up quicker than boys and so it was proving.

Tuesday morning, I received the most wonderful text message while on-air. Freddie woke and did a poo on the toilet!

The best news ever. Let’s hope this wasn’t a one-off.

We certainly owe Holly one!


It seems everyone is having a laugh at the expense of KFC, and why not? What an utter mess.

A fast food chain that sells chicken, running out of chicken? Their new distributors DHL are clearly not up to the job so it would seem as more than 700 stores closed.

But who is suffering the most here? Actually it’s the workers. Many are on zero-hours contracts and simply won’t get paid.

I bet the directors of KFC and DHL will – just like the directors of Carillion who kept paying themselves massive dividends before the company went bust.

The real scandal here is how the fat cats are getting fatter and no one can seem to stop them.


We enjoyed a lovely walk along Lee-on-the-Solent seafront on Sunday and timed it perfectly to watch Hovertravel’s new craft arrive on the slip by the museum.

It was great to see so many enjoying a ride on the world’s newest passenger hovercraft. What a shame she couldn’t be joined by the world’s oldest passenger hovercraft.

The museum has a perfectly operable SRN6 hovercraft, but the Maritime and Coastguard Agency will no longer allow her to fly. Surely they can help with active preservation as the Civil Aviation Authority does with preserved aircraft?

As with aeroplanes, we want to hear and smell them in operation as well.

Who knows, one day might we see one of those giant car-carrying hovercraft slip into the Solent again?