RICK JACKSON: Give us back our Gosport fort

A computer generated image of how Fort Gilkicker might look one day. Possibly.
A computer generated image of how Fort Gilkicker might look one day. Possibly.
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What started off as a bit of a shame for Fort Gilkicker in Gosport has turned into an absolute disgrace.

The plan was to turn the old fortification into luxury apartments offering some of the most stunning views in the UK.

Sadly, no one in Gosport would be able to buy one thanks to the asking price of well north of £1m, but at least the rich Londoners who buy them will leave them empty for most of the year. So, no building work has taken place.

For a couple of years there was no evidence any redevelopment was ever going to happen. Then, all change.

As the developers were finally beginning to pull their fingers out, they decided to scar the surface of the fort by removing all trees and bushes that had grown on the bank.

Next the whole fort was crudely barricaded off to the public. Draconian signs warned of prosecution if we dared step inside.

Sad to say, one of the most picturesque areas of Gosport and one of the most enjoyable coastal walks is now a massive eyesore with restricted access.

One of the delights of Fort Gilkicker was the walk up the side of the fort to the top, with its commanding views of Spithead and the Isle of Wight.

As winter gales lashed the barricades they were further re-enforced and a look-out in his hi-vis jacket is regularly seen at the top, no doubt checking his Facebook messages.

What adds insult to injury is the fact that after these ugly barricades went up and further shrubbery removed, no building work has taken place.

So not only are we priced out of any chance of owning one of these luxury ‘pads’ we have also been banned from enjoying the area to its full potential.

I really feel it’s time we as a town, with hopefully the backing of our council, can tell the developers that until they actually do some work, the barriers should come down and as a measure of goodwill, we can enjoy this area unspoilt once again.


I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. It really is variety at its very best. Singers, choirs, dancers, magicians, acrobatic duos, escapologists, we had it all.

The final was exceptional. Sadly my favourite, Micky P Kerr didn’t have the strongest of finals, but it was so refreshing the final two were comedians. Even more refreshing was the fact both have disabilities.

Robert White used his autism to positive effect, but taking that to the nth degree was the eventual winner, Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy.

Unable to talk because of cerebral palsy, his talent shone through thanks to a voice synthesiser.

An inspiration to millions, their bravery will no doubt help wider society see people beyond their disability.


Disaster. Driving home from nursery with my four and two-year-olds in the back and my two-year-old daughter starts wailing uncontrollably.

‘My Tinky Winky,’ she keeps saying, between sharp gasps of breath and tears.

The kids love the wind through their hair in this lovely weather, but sadly Holly thought it would be a good idea to throw her favourite Teletubbie out of the window.

We drove back three times to try to find it, but it had gone.

An appeal on my breakfast show and a post on Facebook proved positive. Someone had found Tinky Winky and handed him/her into a corner shop in town. The next day, daughter and Teletubby were reunited. The wonders of modern

technology and thoughtful people.