RICK JACKSON: How do you solve our city rivalry? Easy - build a wall

I don't think my first breakfast show at Wave 105 could have gone any better.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 6:01 am
Danny Dyer

My first guest was none other than the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump!

He was at his most controversial. He mocked Bill and Hillary Clinton and the world economy and then went about trying to solve a big issue here in Portsmouth.

He was very much aware of the rivalry between Portsmouth and Southampton and he said his solution was simple – he would build a wall!

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Yes, he would build a wall on the M27 in Fareham to keep us apart. He called us all ‘bad dudes’!

Of course, it wasn’t the real Donald Trump, as he was too busy signing off a wall of his own.

No, it was local comedian and impersonator Mike Osman.

Nigel Farage and Chris Tarrant also made an appearance.

It was good to hear from Mike. He’s always made me laugh and his talents have been wasted over the past few years.

He may well be a rather well-known supporter of a certain team up the road, but he also has spent many an evening entertaining us at Fratton Park on gala evenings and fundraisers, taking a lot of stick at the same time.

I always remember him making Alan Ball laugh when he announced a lost bus ticket found in reception for a Mr A Ball, a week after Bally’s company car had been taken away due to Pompey’s first bout of administration!

So, a good start to the week, but now I’m struggling. Getting up at 4.30am is no fun, I can tell you.

I have already become obsessed with sleep. I go to bed at 9pm, but at 7pm I’m finding myself falling asleep on the sofa after settling the kids down.

There is nothing worse than feeling wide awake in bed at 11pm and panicking about the lack of sleep you’re about to get.

And how many alarm clocks do I have? Four!

If the last one on the landing goes off, I will have just enough time to get in to the studio for 5.30am. Welcome to my new, early morning world!


EastEnders has come in for a lot of stick this week with its ‘disaster week’ storyline.

A double-decker bus has driven through the market at speed and wedged itself under the railway bridge.

No-one has died…yet. But criticism has come over it being rather insensitive given recent events in Berlin and Nice.

But at the end of the day, it is only a soap opera and it has been compelling so far.

A bit far-fetched though, as Danny Dyer, Bonnie Langford and people from the corner shop managed to lift an 11-tonne, flat-sided double-decker bus into the air to released someone trapped underneath!

Plus the emergency door alarm never sounded when opened. Only I noticed that one!


I really feel the judgment that Parliament has to agree on Article 50 is a disaster for us all.

I voted to remain in the EU, but recently I’ve felt very positive about our free future and all the brilliant opportunities it will provide.

We will leave Europe, but it will be bogged down by Nicola Sturgeon and other ‘remoaner’ MPs with their own beliefs and interests, not those of the majority.

Our PM Theresa May had set out a clear mandate for our departure.

Now it will be clouded over and dragged out and we may well miss out on lucrative trade deals.

We need to get on with it and get out, as the majority voted for.

MPs wishing for something else may well be committing their own political suicide