RICK JACKSON: I swapped fine French wine for Lemsip – now that’s Man-Flu

Man-flu: women just don't get it...
Man-flu: women just don't get it...
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As we all know, Man-Flu has now been clinically proven and yours truly is currently suffering a nasty bout of it.

I’ve managed to work through most of it, braving the 4.30am alarm call, sub-zero conditions and gale force winds.

Several boxes of tissues later, my sinuses are now rather painful and the pressure in my head is making me understand how Tim Peake felt on his re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s not just the lack of energy, snotty nose and stuffy head, it’s toddlers not understanding ‘daddy is under the weather and isn’t in the mood for another round of horsey-horsey’ and wives thinking we are hamming it up just for a bit of sympathy, trying to get out of the tiring bed and bath routine.

The constant sniffing, groaning and dragging of the knuckles across the ground isn’t bearing any sympathy fruit at all.

I’ve lost all sense of taste, which extended to my dress sense as I mixed and matched grey leisurewear jogging trousers with a red and black lumberjack shirt.

It’s pointless enjoying nice meals and red wine, I can’t taste a single thing. All I want is beans on toast.

It was only when I pulled out of a weekend in France that she finally thought I might be rather poorly.

I was due to host the Wave 105 Valentine’s Cruise on Brittany Ferries’ Pont-Aven. It’s one of my highlights of the year.

Sailing to St Malo from Portsmouth, you enjoy fine dining, entertainment and a day to explore this beautiful part of France. She knew the only thing that would have stopped me going with my friends was bubonic plague.

Sarah now knew I wasn’t well. A weekend with the girls and no kids for her is worth winning the Euromillions.

I was packed off to bed and instead of enjoying fine wines in a chic French bar, I was sipping Lemsip watching Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara on the telly.

So there you have it, the proof that Man-Flu really is a condition and that it’s worse than Bird-Flu.


I’ve really enjoyed the little bits of the Winter Olympics I’ve seen so far.

You must be stark raving mad to do the luge, which is basically speeding down an ice tunnel on a tray, on your back, looking up. The skeleton is even worse. This time you lie on it and go head first.

Women’s speed skating is very much the Winter Olympics’ version of female beach volleyball with all that figure-hugging Lycra. The women at work are really looking forward to the men’s event...

But is that something you want to see? Men in skin-tight costumes bending over? You’ll be able to see what they had for breakfast. Think I’ll stick to curling.


I am now officially fed up with winter and the constant cold wind. I long to feel the heat of the sun on my face and for spring to bring us some colour.

A friend has just jetted off to Gran Canaria for some Vitamin D.

Sadly, my longing hasn’t been helped by a photo posted on Facebook. It was from someone on a South American cruise on P&O’s cruise ship Aurora. It said ‘too hot to sunbathe on deck today’ showing those beautiful blues of a cloudless sky and calm sea. The sun blazed down on the ship as people headed for the pool for some relief.

As I await summer, I’ll just have a hot bath.