RICK JACKSON: If only I could play a recorder with my nose!

It seems today it's easy to get a Blue Peter badge.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 8:08 pm
1972 Blue Peter presenters Peter Purves, Lesley Judd, Valerie Singleton and John Noakes with his dog Shep File Picture: PRESS ASSOCIATION

They were as rare as hens’ teeth when I were a lad. No matter what I did, one never arrived.

Now they have badges for all sorts of achievements.

Blue Peter has quite rightly been voted the best kids’ TV show ever in a new survey. The show was, and still is, awesome.

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Even though it’s now only on the CBBC channel and has a fraction of the viewers.

I asked my listeners this week if they had ever received a Blue Peter badge, and why.

My favourite call was from Ian, who gained his by playing a tune on the recorder – with his nose.

Might have to get him on the radio show!


I’ve just realised I’ve been writing this weekly column now for more than 10 years!

When I look back at my early ramblings I seemed a bit miserable, perhaps rather bitter at times.

I was newly-single and living in my bachelor pad with my dog Harvey.

I wrote about going out on the town with mates, trips away and my job, which to some was rather interesting.

Back in late 2007 I was breakfast presenter at what was then Ocean FM.

It became Heart and they wanted me to host the breakfast show on that station. But my heart, as it were, was with another station, Wave 105.

After 14 years at Power and Ocean FM, it was hard to leave but life is all about progression and moving up the ladder, so I crossed over.

I’ve never looked back.

Through the years I’ve shared with you many ups and downs.

Meeting a girl, asking her to move in and all the complications that brings to a wonderful bachelor pad.

Out went the red and black decor, in came more neutral tones.

I wrote about how I proposed on the cruise ship Oriana and my stag do.

I wrote about our wonderful wedding day and our honeymoon on another cruise ship, Ventura, as we sailed to Venice and Dubrovnik.

Then the painful wait for children.

We thought we may never have them but on our first cycle of IVF Sarah fell pregnant with Freddie.

How lucky we were.

Also how lucky we were that the wonderful staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital spotted Freddie was not well. Their intervention and the NICU team at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton, saved his life.

How surprised we were when Sarah fell pregnant naturally with Holly. She is an amazing gift and has completed our family.

Today, my life is very different. Still a breakfast show presenter, still with my dog Harvey, but joined by my wife and two wonderful children.

If you do all you can to make your dreams come true, they will.


My desire for the latest in technology has somewhat diminished.

I’m not bothered about the iPhone X, we still use my first Sav Nav from 10 years ago, and the Kindle still works wonderfully.

But I’ve been ever so tempted by 4K TV.

I still love football and fancy the idea of Ultra High Definition.

With that in mind, a new 50in TV has been purchased and Sky Q is on it’s way.

I’m surprised I’ve got away with it, as my wife isn’t bothered by any of this HD stuff, she hardly notices any difference.

I only hope all this investment is worth it, otherwise I’m just a sucker for a good advert.

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