RICK JACKSON: It may not be a Gucci watch but it's still precious to me

What is your most precious possession? What is irreplaceable?

Wednesday, 5th July 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:25 am
Rick would be gutted to lose his old camcorder Credit: Shutterstock

Jewellery, perhaps? Or maybe a photograph?

Mine is our camcorder.

Even though everything from it is downloaded onto computers and an external hard-drive, it’s still the most precious thing I own.

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Forget expensive watches or rings, this little pocket-sized camera contains the most memorable moments of my life from the past six years.

We would have had more memories if the previous camera hadn’t gone for a swim in the sea off Porthleven, in Cornwall when my wife was engulfed by a wave.

I didn’t laugh when it happened, much!

We still sit back and watch wonderful moments from the past few years – from holidays, to our kids as newborns.

With these cameras, you only record the best moments of your life.

You never see your kids having a meltdown, or having an argument with the wife, or the dogs messing up the kitchen.

Sometimes we go back to the days before children. We watch us on holiday, sunbathing, jumping into the pool and exploring nearby towns.

Then there is our honeymoon, a 17-night Adriatic cruise that took us to Venice via Dubrovnik and Corfu.

We looked so relaxed, enjoying the sunshine and indulging to the max in all the wonderful facilities our amazing ship had to offer.

Fast forward three years and there is our Canaries cruise on Britannia with our son Freddie at 15 months when Sarah was pregnant with our daughter Holly.

Boy, was that different. We looked knackered running around after him.

Most of the footage was of us in paddling pools or at the buffet.

But this camera means too much to me now. It’s captured so many wonderful moments, with even more to come.

The filming might be rather ropey, more Blair Witch Project than an exotic Top Gear location shoot, but it’s our life, as it happens.

God forbid if we were burgled, they could take the telly, MacBook, watches, even my wife’s Poldark box sets, it’s only the camcorder I’d guard with my life.


Remember the day when a gentleman’s wallet would simply slide into the back pocket?

You might have a couple of cards in it and some cash, that was it.

I remember mine would have just my National Insurance card and a £5 note in it.

The again, I was 17. Today, my wallet is so stuffed, I struggle to get it through the car door.

No, it’s not stuffed with £50 notes, but countless cards, not all bank cards either.

I have every loyalty card, even one for the barbers.

Deep inside the receipts and Gosport Ferry tickets will be a solitary fiver.

With smartphone technology, surely the wallet should now be defunct.

Aren’t we getting close to never needing cards or cash now?


Thankfully the days of the soap stars making pop records are over.

Mainly because most of the people on television are talentless posers on reality style shows.

Some TV stars took to pop stardom very well.

Kylie Minogue was probably the most famous.

But then there have been some real stinkers too.

Remember Nick Berry with Every Loser Wins or Stefan Dennis and Don’t It Make You Feel Good? Paul Robinson from Neighbours.

If only people stuck to what they are best at. Maybe the same will happen in radio?

Dermot O’Dreary and Claudia Winkleman are much better on screen.

Plus, it would free up their schedule for some non-television radio presenters, like me.