RICK JACKSON: Say goodbye, Wave hello

Radio presenter Rick Jackson has worked for the biggest stations in the south PICTURE: Allan Hutchings (084710-538)
Radio presenter Rick Jackson has worked for the biggest stations in the south PICTURE: Allan Hutchings (084710-538)
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Can you remember what you were doing on this day in 1998? I can. It was the day radio wars came to the south coast.

I was in the offices of Power FM in Segensworth West, listening to the first broadcasts of the south’s first regional radio station, based in Segensworth East – Wave 105.

Before that day we had the commercial radio monopoly with our sister station Ocean FM, but now this new boy was on the block, muscling into our territory.

That year, 1998, was a brilliant year for me. I had been presenting the breakfast show on Power FM for 18 months and hosted big events like Power in the Park and Power in Portsmouth.

I rented a lovely house in Port Solent with two colleagues, was hanging out with other presenters who lived there and a few Pompey players, very showbiz!

England had a good World Cup thanks to Michael Owen and David Beckham; it was another ‘what could have been’ finals.

I remember the atmosphere as I hosted a Power Party Cruise on the giant P&O ferry Pride of Bilbao after they showed England beating Columbia 2-0. That boat certainly rocked that night.

Twenty years on and I’m still doing a breakfast show on the south coast. I’m a lucky man, but it’s on that radio station that launched 20 years ago – Wave 105. Funny how things turn out.

Power FM and Ocean FM were swallowed up by networked stations from London and smart, steady management has turned Wave 105 into the number one radio station on the south coast and the UK’s best performing regional station.

I think the secret to their success is knowing that a radio station is company, a friend by your side.

That might sound like a cheesy thing to say, but I’m sure we all have our favourite radio presenters we’ve listened to over the years.

Sadly, most stations these days do not allow presenters to present anymore, but feel playing the same few songs over and over again is what listeners want.

I think we all know that is not the case.


You would have thought in this day an age, with all the communication we have at our fingertips, a female in her twenties would know what Brexit is?

I’m pretty sure if you are reading this, you are not a viewer of ITV’s Love Island.

Male and female contestants live on an island wearing very little to see if they might fall in love with each other, or more importantly for the viewer, ‘get off’ with each other. It’s Blind Date on steroids.

I suppose with one brain cell concentrating on breathing, the other hasn’t got the capacity to know what is happening in the real world? Thinking about it, maybe they are on to something?

With the way it’s going, head-in-the-sand might just be the best policy.


Pompey have been teasing us with close-up images of their new kit for the 2018/19 season and, yes, I am excited.

You see, and I’m not ashamed to say this, as a football fan I am a badge snob.

Since we said goodbye to Asics back in the 1990s our kits haven’t cut the mustard, apart from the Canterbury kits of our FA Cup winning side.

Now we now become part of the elite in the Nike swoosh, joining the ranks of Manchester City, Chelsea and the England national side.

I also think it will help the team. Wearing the same brand as these other teams may well inspire us to promotion.

As explained to me once, it’s the football equivalent of either a dress from Karen Millen or Primark.