RICK JACKSON: We met our neighbours for the first time'¦Â in Capri

Isn't it a small world? Here we are on the beautiful island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. Naples was our third port of call.

Wednesday, 11th July 2018, 2:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:46 pm
Stunning - the view from Mount Solaro on Capri

We catch the high-speed ferry which leaves just around the corner from where our cruise ship Aurora is berthed.

Fifty arduous minutes later we arrive at one of the most famous and beautiful islands on the planet. Arduous because our two and fou-year-olds won't sit still. Thank goodness for 4G and Peppa Pig on YouTube.

A peek out of the window reveals many glamorous motor cruisers and a stunning tall ship offering cruising up and down the coast.

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A small mountainous island, Capri has a real air of St Tropez about it, but in more stunning surroundings.

Lunch was taken in a cafe by the harbour, watching hordes of people arriving off the many ferries from Naples.

The daring may wish to catch the small yellow bus up the steep-sided mountain to the main town. It's driven at breakneck speed along zig-zagging roads inches from sheer drops.

But thousands opt for the small cable car train called the Funicolare which is hauled up the side of the mountain by thick steel wires.

As 100 people a trip are packed on board, a small prayer is issued that those wires can take the strain as the train goes higher and higher and the views get even more stunning.

At the top, it's breathtaking. Mount Vesuvius which claimed Pompeii dominates the distance as the Gulf of Naples opens up in front of you. You cannot help but be mesmerised.

Myriad charming lanes reveal boutique shops and brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Rolex tempting you. Window shopping is all we can do as a pair of Louis slippers are more than £1,000.

As we prepare for departure we speak to a lovely English couple, the only ones we meet. It turns out they live around the corner from us in Alverstoke and their grandson goes to school locally.

As I said at the beginning, isn't it a small world?



It's the strangest place I've watched England play, a cruise ship.

Aurora is classy. She is not a huge hotel tower block by modern standards, but has an air of luxury motor cruiser about her.

Wooden decking, a beautiful tiered stern overlooking a swimming pool and elegant bars and lounges.

We watched the Sweden game in the stern Show Bar called Carmen's. We cheered each goal with gusto, but there was no jumping on chairs or spilling of beer. It was all very, well quintessentially English.

All I had to do was raise my hand and another pint of lager was delivered to my seat. I'm kind of sad I'm not soaking up all the World Cup fever at home, but then I remember I'm in the Mediterranean on a beautiful cruise ship, I think I'll cope!



So far so good on the Jackson family holiday of 2018.

We booked this cruise not only because we wanted the kids to have a good time, but also for Sarah and me to have some '˜us' time.

We boarded P&O's Aurora in Southampton and as soon as we boarded we signed the cherubs up to Kids Club. A week in and they now demand to go. They don't want to spend the evening with we dull adults.

This means we get to enjoy a beautiful meal and a couple of drinks at the many bars this stunning ship boasts. The Crow's Nest above the bridge maybe, or the Pennant Bar on Deck 12 astern?

Well it's 10pm and still 27C so why not? We pick up the kids, they are asleep. Bliss.