RICK JACKSON: We're on edge, but it mustn't stop us doing what we love

It was one of the hardest radio breakfast shows I've ever presented.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th May 2017, 7:01 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:18 pm
Floral tributes left by Manchester Town Hall
Floral tributes left by Manchester Town Hall

Just what do you say when 22 people, including children, are dead after a terror attack?

On a show which is normally light-hearted, the tone has to change straight away, as does the music. But you don’t want it to be all doom and gloom.

Instantly, my thoughts were with the families of those involved in this horrific incident.

Ariana Grande’s fanbase is generally teenage girls. The MEN Arena is the UK’s largest indoor arena and it was a sell-out.

It’s been called a soft target. But I can’t stop thinking of all those mums and dads who dropped their kids off at the concert, expecting to pick them up later.

Going to an amazing concert is part of the fabric of life in the UK and the civilised world.

To target this and young people goes straight to the heart of the psyche of our society.

I remember how the 7/7 attacks shocked us all and how many of us to this day are nervous when travelling on the London Underground.

The general public will be on edge even more so now, but this must not stop us from doing the things we love and that are part of our culture.

No doubt we will hear that this was, like the attacks in Paris, Nice and Brussels, from the enemy within.

This is not about blocking our borders, this is about young Muslims who have been brainwashed into carrying out acts of terror.

It’s vital that the Muslim communities, as well as the authorities, now make sure these vulnerable people are not converted to extremism.

We do not want to be in a situation where the general public become frightened of anyone who looks like they are a Muslim.

I’m sure we all want to hear the Muslim community distance themselves from such atrocities.

But Islam is a very complicated religion.

Since 9/11 the Middle East has become a very turbulent place and at the moment there is simply no sign of this ending.


As I bought my son’s Pompey shirt, I learned the Supporters’ Trust had agreed to sell the club to Michael Eisner.

My heart sank.

I know I’m in the minority, but to hear that the club’s crest is also likely to change just didn’t fill me with confidence.

I’m sure the injection of cash will help us catapult up the leagues.

But to me, the club is no longer in guaranteed safe hands.

I’m not suggesting Mr Eisner isn’t a safe pair, but when the time comes, who will he sell the club to?

I’m sure names from the past such as Ali Al-Faraj fill any fan with fear.

Plus, recent events show that the FA’s fit and proper test doesn’t do as it says on the tin.


With the promise of lovely weather for the bank holiday weekend, down from the loft came the summer clothes.

It was a wonderful moment discovering that everything, including all my shorts, still fitted as the jumpers and winter shirts went into their summer hibernation.

This changeover is actually good for the soul, as many tops brought back wonderful memories of summer holidays and our honeymoon.

Yes, that’s right, honeymoon.

Since the arrival of children, clothes are purchased for them, not me.

You can’t justify updating your own wardrobe when their clothes only last so long before they’re too small.

I’m just hoping the shell suit will come back into fashion soon.