RICK JACKSON: Who's the wise guy? Me!

Many a new year resolution has failed this week.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 8:00 pm
Rick Jackson has hit the gym in an effort to be healthy (Shutterstock)

All that good will to bring in the new you has slowly faded for lots of people.

But not for me.

I decided not to go on the usual diet, not to join Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

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Yes, they work, you lose weight. But each time I’ve put all the weight back on.

So I’ve decided not to diet, but to really look after myself.

It’s time to be sensible and eating treats all the time.

I have not touched a drop of alcohol since 11.50pm on New Year’s Eve. And I’ve been eating wholesome meals, made from scratch, three times a day.

I’m still eating bread, but it’s now wholemeal. I’m still eating butter, but it’s real butter, with no added vegetable oil to make it spreadable.

I’m drinking two-to-three litres of water a day, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and making sure I’m in bed by 9pm because I get up at 4.30am.

You can see what I’m doing here, it’s a lifestyle change. One that I can sustain forever.

I can still have treats, but not all the time.

I’ve coupled this with regular gym visits – 20 minutes on the bike or treadmill, then a round on the upper weight machines.

In two weeks I’ve lost more than half and stone and I’m not even dieting, I’m just being sensible and exercising self control.

And how do I feel? Amazing!

It’s really proved to me that my old habits were making me unhappy. Before the changes, I felt bloated, lethargic and a bit depressed, to be honest.

Almost three weeks in, I feel energised and content. I’ve not missed red wine or chocolate. I plan to stay dry for the month, but I’m wondering if I’ll be that bothered next month?

I mustn’t get too carried away with myself though. I’m notorious for not seeing things through. I want this to be my new way of living.

I’m slowly going from a pie-eating fool to a sea bass-eating wise guy.


I’m not a fan of naming days, but it was certainly Blue Monday for us.

It started with our family bus not starting. ‘Low battery’ it said, but even with jump leads all it gave was a weird clicking noise.

It then said ‘engine malfunction’. I left the car.

We have breakdown recovery with both our bank and car manufacturer, but neither would collect the car. Useless.

Thankfully, our dealer in Fareham sorted it and the car was towed away.

After a full diagnostic check it was revealed nothing was wrong, a total mystery.

But the brakes were badly worn, so £300 later the car is right as rain.

My bad day continued by scalding myself on baked beans. It turned out to be Red Monday.


Our little treat for 2018 was a new 4K TV and Sky Q was finally fitted on Tuesday.

The waiting time was a month, but was it all worth it? Hell, yes!

The picture quality is incredible, movies and football have never looked so clear.

Sadly, it does nothing to hide poor skin or awful make-up application.

The beauty of this is we now have a Sky box in two other rooms as well, with full HD and recording facilities. It’s ideal for that Peppa Pig-athon to keep the kids entertained.

My wife’s only complaint is that it doesn’t come with Idris Elba from the Sky TV commercial.

At least I’d have someone to find the remote if we lost it.