Ridiculous prices are putting people off going to see Oz

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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There’s one thing that has disappointed me about Australia – the ridiculous price of everything.

The last time I was here was about six years ago and I can honestly say things have quadrupled since then – and the impact it’s had on tourism seems quite obvious.

It’s a lot quieter than I’ve seen it before and, considering they’re in peak season, that’s saying something.

It’s £20 for a basic meal like a pasta dish or a burger. It’s almost £9 for a pint and a Coke and more than £2 for a chocolate bar.

We’ve started talking nostalgically about home and a ‘good old dinner at Port Solent’ or how we fancy a ‘drive in the country for a Sunday carvery’.

It’s so expensive that me and Matt have resorted to sharing meals.