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Rolan Bolan, the son of late T.Rex star Marc Bolan, says his godfather, David Bowie, helped him ‘survive’ by paying for his education.

Rolan was just two years old when his frontman father was killed in a car accident in 1977, and with legal problems surrounding the late star’s estate, Rolan and his mother, Gloria Jones, would have been left penniless if his famous godfather hadn’t stepped in to pay for the youngster’s education and other expenses as he grew up.

Erasure have unveiled details of their upcoming 14th studio album, Tomorrow’s World. The latest release from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell will be out on October 3, and was produced by electronic performer Frankmusik, who has previously worked with the likes of Lady GaGa, Pet Shop Boys and Ellie Goulding.

Gary Numan has revealed details of his latest album Dead Son Rising. The electronic pioneer said that the new release is a collection of reworked tracks that had previously been shelved. His recording partner Ade Fenton convinced the singer to stop erasing tracks he thought were ‘not good enough’.

Lenny Kravitz claims many of the tracks on his new album, Black and White America, came to him as dreams and he loves the feeling of waking up fresh with inspiration. Asked how it feels to wake up with a song he has dreamed, he said: ‘It feels almost euphoric. The songs come fully formed. I actually hear a record playing, and I’m digging it. Then I wake up and realise, “Wait, that’s not a record. That’s a song. It’s something new”. Then it becomes a matter of quickly finding a tape recorder.’

Finally this week, new AC/DC and Metallica versions of the board game Monopoly are coming out. But will this lead to more pop and rock related board games appearing? I’ve patented a few ideas already:

Sugababes Guess Who. You have to guess who’s currently in The Sugababes.

Leon Jackson Cluedo. You have to guess who killed Leon Jackson’s career. Was it Simon Cowell in the Recording Studio with the Cancelled Contract?

Jim Kerr-Plunk. Featuring the Simple Minds singer, some plastic sticks and marbles.

Escape From Coldplay. Like Escape From Colditz, but you have to get away from a group of dull British musicians who’ve kept you locked up listening to their worthy songs.

Dungeons and Soup Dragons. The fantasy game about the Scottish band of the late 1980s and early 90s.

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