Sad to leave Pompey, but on the prowl for a new pad

You know how the old cliche goes '“ getting married and buying a house are two of the most stressful and important steps in one's life?

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:00 am
Chloe Madeley arrives at the British Inspiration Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel in London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday May 24, 2012. Photo credit should read: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire YPN-141019-160941038

Having children is also up there, obviously, but I can’t possibly comment on that having not started a family yet.

However, I can put the other two on my list as I’ve done both in the past 12 months!

I fear the stresses and strains involved have taken a significant toll on my once rather youthful complexion.

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So let me start with a property update. We’ve sold our house in dear old Pompey and are now desperately looking for another one.

We did actually like a house in Waterlooville which had masses of potential.

But unfortunately, after taking advice from several builders, we discovered that it would just cost way too much to do up.

It’s a real shame, but I think – and hope – it was the right decision.

Now it means that, on top of juggling the demands of a new job and producing a weekly vlog for my YouTube channel (which you can see by logging on to, I’m also on the prowl for a new pad.

My life is certainly not boring.

I’ve made no bones about the fact I’ll be sad to leave Portsmouth.

Yes, there are improvements that need to be made on Portsea Island – the traffic and parking being the biggest problems.

But I do love how accessible everything is from where we’ve been living in Copnor.

Hey-ho, we’re only moving ‘over the hill’, so you’ll still see me out and about in Pompey.

This week I’ve been on a property course with The Good Property Company, run by businesswoman extraordinaire Susannah Cole.

I was absolutely amazed by how much I didn’t know about property. Yes we can all ‘emotionally’ buy a house we fall in love with.

But there is so much you can do to ensure that not only is it the right type of property for you, but that it is a good investment. Check out their website and YouTube channel to find out for yourselves.


I always get moaned at for taking ‘selfies’.

‘Cheryl loves a selfie’, say my sisters, and I’m not going to deny it.

It’s not because I’m self-indulgent. I take them with other people too, but Chloe Madeley, daughter of TV presenters Richard and Judy, has now taken it to a whole new level.

She’s crazy into her fitness and has made a reputation for herself with her fit bod.

But Chloe continually posts gym pics to her Instagram account in which she’s wearing very little.

Are these the actions of a good role model? She’s certainly promoting fitness and health, but on the flip side she’s perhaps letting her vanity get the better of her somewhat.

Either way she does look hot, I’ll give her that!


At just 17, Paris Jackson has been through a heck of a lot.

She had to deal with the sad passing of her dad, the superstar singer Michael Jackson.

But the once-timid and fresh-faced youngster has been photographed this week rocking a platinum blonde ‘pixie’ haircut, showing the world that she now has an edgy and hip style.

And boy does she rock it! I reckon she really looks incredible.

I don’t usually follow celebrity trends and fashions (you can clearly tell that from my YouTube channel).

But if I could get away with it (which I know I can’t) I’d love to be brave enough to go for a Paris-inspired hairdo.

Do you think I could rock the, well, rock look?

Perhaps not…