SAM POOLE: Get behind Team GB

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images
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Olympic fever is spreading across the world and millions of people are now united when watching the games.

London 2012 certainly left Britain on a high and did so much good for our nation.

Not only did we come third in the overall competition, but it had a lasting impact on us all.

Rio 2016 appears to be no different.

As a result of the previous Olympics being so positive, it appears we are more determined than ever before to win gold.

Team GB look incredibly strong, with a real passion to make it to the top.

Already we have witnessed some high achievers such as Adam Peaty, a swimmer who broke a world record on the first day and won the 100m breaststroke gold yesterday.

Congratulations to him and all those others who are doing incredibly well.

Personally I am not a huge follower of sport but the Olympics appear to be different – I love it. I find myself watching hours of the stuff.

I am frequently left in awe at the devotion the competitors have in order to succeed.

The pressure they place themselves under to make their country proud is truly admirable.

The thought of coming last seems not to be an option.

As long as those taking part are enjoying themselves, I’m having a good time too.

It’s a lifelong commitment for all of these athletes. Not only are they required to train every day, they also have a strict diet and routine to follow.

They seriously immerse themselves in all they are competing for. It’s impressive stuff and something to look up to.

Another benefit of the Olympics is seeing so many young athletes making excellent role models for the younger ones at home.

Because of their healthy and fit lifestyle, they are great motivators for the younger generation.

There has been a bit of a wobble recently with regards to the doping scandal, but that is within the minority and not majority of athletes at the Rio games.

My suggestion isn’t that we all become elite athletes, but that we should look at the lives of these people and desire to have a similar motivation and mindset to them.

There’s no better feeling than doing something you have always wished to do.

Let’s get behind Team GB and support their drive, devotion and determination until the very end.