Sam Poole: Make the most of every opportunity

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It has been little more than a week since David Bowie died, only to be followed by Alan Rickman – two men who were both admired by millions across the world.

Through the work they produced they never failed to entertain and inspire people on a huge scale.

Both deaths were triggered, both at the age of 69, by the same illness. A sobering thought.

Regardless of your wealth, talent, and the impact you have on those around you, these deaths remind us that life is so short so it’s worth making the most of every day you have.

The legacy someone can leave from entertaining crowds of people can be vast.

One thing I admired about David Bowie wasn’t primarily his music; it was the way he portrayed himself in society and challenged people’s thoughts.

He refused to conform to what others understood to be the norm and was continually looking for new ways to stand out.

His music wouldn’t typically reflect what was in the charts at the time of release.

He would be experimental and think out of the box.

I have always been amazed when seeing the lengths individuals in the spotlight go to in order to be different.

It must be lonely to concentrate on not being like anyone else, although Bowie clearly stood out and made a difference to many.

The icon evidently wanted to stir conversation and challenge social groups. And as a result of his work he was successful.

Regarding Alan Rickman, otherwise known as Severus Snape to a high percentage of the younger population, his acting over the years was also varied.

But he was remembered for his distinctive voice on set and frequently portrayed the villain of a storyline. Remembered for his optimistic attitude throughout the duration of filming, he was evidently in love with what he was doing for a career.

Many actors were encouraged by someone who had a great deal of experience and developed appreciated actor’s wisdom.

As we reflect on the lives of two of the many celebrities who caused a shift in the way we are entertained, let’s remember that nothing lasts forever.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, if you are not enjoying it, then stop it. It is imperative we all enjoy what it is we do.

There is no harm in having dreams and aspirations, but ensure you have fun as you work towards your goals. If you don’t reach them you will still have made the most of your opportunities.