Sam Poole: ‘Nowhere is safe’

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After a fierce all-day debate in the Houses of Parliament last week, action to target Isis groups in Syria was agreed.

The approved air strikes by the RAF have provoked widespread and strong opinions across the nation.

From a potential terrorist attack to a car running you over, nowhere is safe

Millions believe we should combat the Islamic extremist group, but on the other hand many are adamant that building a coalition with other nations was wrong and the UK should keep out of bombing.

But our MPs have spoken as they cast their votes and decided to join France and other countries in an attempt to stamp out this heinous group.

With Typhoon and Tornado jets on standby flying over Syria, they attacked within hours of the go-ahead from Parliament.

The argument over whether our country should be involved left the House of Commons split, but eventually 397 MPs voted for the air strikes, with 223 against the move.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has vehemently opposed military involvement in Syria, offered his MPs a free vote after many expressed their agreement with David Cameron on the issue.

With 66 Labour MPs voting for the strikes, it would have been bad for them if they faced disciplinary action for voting against their party.

However, it’s important to put this in perspective and consider the people who have been killed on all sides of the conflict. The operation will continue.

Those for the bombings say bringing down Isis will ensure that the threat of terrorism will drop. Those against say it could make them more determined to get pay-back by further targeting areas of the western world.

This sensitive subject isn’t something on which I have a strong for or against opinion.

However I do listen to the general consensus and it seems to me that the attacks are wanted more than they are unwelcome.

It could also be argued that the fight against terrorist groups by air isn’t enough. Troops would need to be on the ground hunting them down.

Does this mean we are going to see another war similar to Afghanistan?

Terrorism will always remain and is nearly impossible to stamp out, but instead of living in fear we all should be realistic.

Our streets are dominated by danger and members of the public are at risk in multiple ways. From a potential terrorist attack to a car running you over, nowhere is safe.

Further involvement in the Syrian conflict will be discussed, but I feel it is a topic we as a nation will always be split on.