Save the WCs for sake of us oldies

Where better to begin the fight against hate crime?

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While reading about the possible closure of 13 of Pompey’s public loos, I had a sudden flashback folks.

In 1975 at 5.30am we were coming alongside the quayside in Surabaya, Indonesia.

OMG...there right in front of my eyes were a dozen or so Indonesian dockers, crouched in the pebbles having a poopoo.

Now of course this wouldn’t happen here. But a lot of us wrinklies have weak bladders, get caught short, and need to spend a

And it’s a long trot from Canoe Lake to the D-Day Museum loos.

So the Castle Field toilet block, grotty as it is, has been well occupied over the years.

I really hope the council reconsiders the closure of Castle Field WCs.

Rebranded as ‘Portsmouth the Waterfront City’, we could become ‘Portsmouth the No Water Closet City’.