School uniform should be worn with pride

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I am a great believer in school uniform and it being worn properly. It breaks down the boundaries of poverty and makes all children equal – no fashion trends, no child feeling left out because they cannot afford the latest item that’s all the rage.

Cynics will say we’re turning children into robots, but uniforms are part of everyday life. Whatever job you do has some kind of uniform and conformity; office workers with their bank dress, builders with their safety clothing, shop assistants with their uniform, service personnel with their uniforms, solicitors, doctors, teachers and architects with suits and smart dress.

The school uniform is something to be worn with pride, showing off where you study and preparing you for adult life. We ensure that the uniform is worn properly and check it at every opportunity.

At Charter the student council had input into the design of the uniform and choose the uniform that our students wear. The uniform consists of grey trousers, black blazer with purple ribbon, white shirt with a striped tie or for the girls a purple and white striped blouse. The uniform policy also extends to make-up and hair styles. The reason for such a hard stance on this is that we want children to value themselves and girls shouldn’t have to wear heavy make-up to feel accepted. Until children understand how society works and how the media portrays models, we must enforce a strict uniform policy which helps the children build pride in themselves and self respect.

Our uniform policy is constantly being reviewed.

For September we are changing our current policy of black bags to school bags only. The reason behind this was due to some girls bringing ever-smaller hand bags which are not suitable for carrying school books or homework in. We want every child to succeed and if that means guiding children into using a bag large enough to carry folders and books then so be it.