Scott trumped me for stories

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Someone once told me ‘do a job you enjoy and you’ll never do a day’s work’ and this is something I have tried to instil in my children.

Whilst we all appreciate how important money is to our survival, I have explained to them the importance of choosing a career for reasons of job satisfaction over and above financial reward.

As I watched this little boy laughing, I noticed how happy and fulfilled the staff member appeared to be doing a job he loved

I feel blessed to enjoy my work and believe this keeps me motivated and energised enough to put in such long hours.

It’s easy to think of obvious ‘great jobs’ like professional sportsman, singer, actor or oligarch, but real passion and determination to succeed comes from within and, in most cases, passion is the common denominator of successful people

I was invited to Naomi House Children’s Hospice a few years ago and was watching one of the staff interacting with a severely handicapped child.

As I watched this little boy laughing, I noticed how happy and fulfilled the staff member appeared to be doing a job he loved. It really was a moving moment and an example of how passion can drive us to great things.

My friend Scott Drummond, a freelance cameraman I met whilst filming various antiques shows and now working for Sky Sports, often posts ‘work selfies’ on Facebook, normally at some major sporting event somewhere around the world.

Last weekend he trumped me for stories to tell the grandchildren when he was assigned as part of the Sky Sports team sent to Las Vegas to film the biggest fight in boxing history between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

As a youngster I was a massive boxing fan and had brief aspirations of becoming a boxing journalist, travelling around the world to watch big fights and interview the boxers.

So I was naturally a little envious of Scott when I heard about his latest assignment.

I did, however, take some comfort in the knowledge that his job has not always been a constant string of interesting gigs filming great sporting events or interviews with Hollywood actors.

He’s also done 14-hour long days at cold outdoor venues, miles from home and had to stay in cheap hotels with the rest of the crew and temperamental antiques experts!

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