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I’ve been absolutely determined to stick to my running schedule since the Great South Run.

In previous years the cold and wintry weather has been too much of a good excuse not to put on my trainers and pound the pavements of Portsmouth.

But this year I’m not giving up.

The main reason being that come the spring when the weather gets warmer I know my fitness level will have fallen off a cliff and I’ll have to start all over again.

But another reason is because of how much more energy exercise gives me.

It means when I’m on Milton Common with my daughters and they want to play a game of tag I’m not out of breath and panting after a few minutes.

So the running schedule is still on, but running at this time of year in the evening when it’s dark outside has its problems, including dodging puddles and running into tree branches.

But one distraction I didn’t think I’d have while out for my nightly run was witnessing lots of bare flesh.

Please people, close your curtains.