Seeing me starkers didn’t make my neighbour happy

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How are you? When I get asked that question, I usually respond with ‘oh, fine’, or ‘mustn’t grumble’.

That’s how most of us go through life, isn’t it? We’re somewhere in the middle ground. We potter about, feeling ‘okay’.

I think happiness isn’t about something like having a big lottery win. Instead it’s the little things that make a difference.

For instance I’m never happier than on a Sunday morning having a lie-in, with no work, the papers, a mug of good coffee and toast that leaves with me with buttery fingers and crumbs in my sheets.

Riding my bike along the seafront can make me feel like I’m flying, especially on a windy day.

And seeing an elderly couple hand in hand on a park bench is also something that can give me a lovely warm feeling.

Life is full of things that can make us smile. The sound of a baby’s laughter, that phone call from a friend or loved one, or maybe trying on that perfect shade of lippy,

Now our Prime Minister has decided he’s interested in how happy we all are and has launched a £2m survey to measure the nation’s happiness.

Any time now the Office for National Statistics will be asking people to rate their own well-being, with the first ever official happiness index due this summer.

He insists the plan is not ‘woolly’ and says: ‘You cannot capture happiness on a spreadsheet any more than you could bottle it, but it’s just to give a general picture of whether life is improving.’

Personally, my level of happiness would rise sharply if Mr Cameron stopped wasting taxpayers’ dosh on pointless surveys! If he’s that bothered what we think, he should go out in the street and ask us himself.

I asked some of my friends what brightens their day. One said ‘walking around the house naked when everyone’s out’ and another of my girlie pals said ‘having a crafty wee in the sea’!

I tried walking around starkers at home, but unfortunately it’s not such a good idea if you live in an apartment block on the ground floor – especially when your elderly neighbour is out tending the communal garden. It certainly didn’t make her happy...