Seeing Mo and Jimmy and then watching Denise wed

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I’ve just arrived back in Portsmouth after spending a beautiful 10 nights in Antigua for my best friend’s wedding.

Eighteen of us went to see Denise Randell and Del Button get married and I have to admit we had a blast!

Usually these mass family holidays abroad are just the Gibbs clan, but I’ve got to hand it to them – the Randell and Button families know how to have some fun!

We all stayed at the beautiful Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua and I initially thought that perhaps I might find it a little weird to be stationary for so long.

After all, I’ve recently travelled around the world while filming a documentary on vegetarian food.

But by day two I was fully accustomed to the Caribbean way of life, which is laid back and full of fun – and alcohol.

Our stay got off to an impressive start when I bumped into Olympic champion Mo Farah and comedian Jimmy Carr at Antigua’s airport. How many times have I said I can sniff out a celebrity?

But to find these two just after I arrived was rather impressive, even if I say so myself.

Of couse, the real focus of our trip was to see Denise marry Del. It really was a beautiful day, although I cried throughout most of it, as we all knew I would.

I’ve known Denise and my other tight circle of friends since we were nine years old, so we’ve gone through every possible milestone in life together.

To see her get married felt really weird. I almost felt like I was handing her over to her now-hubby, Del.

Do other besties feel like that when they see their friends get married? I almost wanted to shout out, when the vicar asked if anyone had any reason why they shouldn’t be married, ‘yes, I do, she’s mine’. But you’ll be pleased to know I thought better of it.

We’ve done the sleepovers together, the GCSEs, the travelling, the Ibiza girly holidays, the propping up of each other when we’ve both had too much to drink, plus the boyfriend traumas.

Now we’re going through the next chapter in our lives. I was proud to watch her get wed and so happy at her committing to her new hubby and them starting their new life together.