Selfies? You’re on your own

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The Wimbledon Tennis Championships has become the latest high profile event to ban selfie sticks.

Does anyone else think it is kind of ironic that selfie sticks are being banned by so many public places, so the only time people are going to be able to use them is when they’re on their own?

I’ve been trying to work out which is the easiest musical instrument to learn

Kind of makes the name of them nicely appropriate, doesn’t it?

A survey has found that 23 percent of Brits would love to learn a musical instrument. 

But, given that a lot of us are so lazy that we never get round to it, I’ve been trying to work out which is the easiest musical instrument to learn.

So far, I’m torn between the triangle and the kazoo. The triangle is easy because you only have to hit it with a little piece of metal and you don’t have to move that piece of metal very far to make contact with it.

I would have said the kazoo, but that’s actually hard because you have to keep breathing in and out while you’re playing it and that’s way too much effort for a lazybones like me.

The alternative easiest musical instrument to learn is the guitar, but only if you’re Andrew Ridgeley.

Scarlett Johansson has apparently said that she thinks it can be hard for two famous stars to be in a relationship together.

Here’s the main reason why. Can you imagine the rows they would have over the time they both spend in the bathroom doing their beauty regimes?

I know they’ve probably got more than one bathroom, but as one of them is probably en-suite they’ll both be trying to use that one, because that’s what people with en-suite bathrooms always like to do.

If you think your teenage daughter spends a lot of time in the bathroom, imagine it about 20 times worse!

Can someone please tell me, if so many barbers wet your hair before they cut it, why does nobody ever wait until it rains before mowing their lawn? It’s the same principle, isn’t it?