Sensible words from CSI - but Pompey fans need more

112881-846_POMPEY_BRIGHTON_SR_13/8/11'Action from Pompey vs Brighton at Fratton Park.'Vladimir Antonov(left) and Roman Dubov in the directors box. ''Picture:Steve Reid 112881-846
112881-846_POMPEY_BRIGHTON_SR_13/8/11'Action from Pompey vs Brighton at Fratton Park.'Vladimir Antonov(left) and Roman Dubov in the directors box. ''Picture:Steve Reid 112881-846
Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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It’s good to talk – but there’s a difference between talking at someone and with someone.

That’s the problem with the first public words from the club’s new regime.

Pompey fans have afforded a largely warm reception to the first noise from the Convers Sports Initiatives (CSI) group in the wake of the statement they released last week – three months after taking charge.

A pattern has emerged, however, in the response from fans, who are saying they appreciate the measured tone of what Messrs Dubov, Akers and Antonov have said, but crucial issues remain uncovered.

It’s been something along the lines of: ‘Sensible words from the owners but what about (insert burning Pompey subject)’.

Ticket prices, the future of Fratton Park, affairs on the pitch, Steve Cotterill or any lingering influence of the former regime all sit snugly into that space.

That’s where the role of The News reporting on all things from PO4 comes into the equation.

It is a newspaper’s job to get the core of the issues at the hearts of their readers.

Mediums change and evolve but getting across what is important – in this case to Pompey fans – will always be critical.

We all know just what the football club who wears the star and crescent means to this city.

But in the past we have been burnt all too often by those who have guided the club over the precipice. Those scars haven’t healed yet.

Those who oversaw Pompey’s demise all too often delivered their words on the club’s website, in statements like the one produced on Friday.

These releases would be heavy on the influence of the PR companies they employ to peddle out words heavy on manufactured passion and devoid of any real value.

It was easy for these people to talk about Pompey pride. Somewhat tougher to get to a game, though.

Credit to CSI, they’ve managed to trump their predecessors in that department by being present at every fixture so far.

And no-one is making comparisons between the club’s fifth owners in two years and those who went before.

Please God let that be in the past.

But it is now getting on towards six years since there was significant dialogue between Pompey’s owners and the local media. A lot of questions went unanswered in that time.

Chief executive David Lampitt has made himself available to speak in his time at the club, and operates with an honesty which had been non-existent previously. That is to be applauded.

Likewise, there is excellent work going on with the Fans’ Conference, with the door open at Fratton Park to the various groups.

It’s the men at the very top that it has to come from, though, to have the gravity and reassurance needed.

Asking for owners to come forward and speak may be dressed up as an attempt to boost sales, in some quarters.

It’s not. Fans love their club and want questions answered. It’s our duty to ask them.

It has been pointed out that the likes of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich doesn’t speak publicly.

This is true, but Abramovich is not in charge of a club were previous regimes almost took them out of existence under a shroud of secrecy.

And how interesting to hear Coventry City’s owners speak of their regret at not building bridges with fans just last week.

It hardly sits well with the promise of transparency from Pompey not to hear from the owners on a level where they are answerable to questions.

We all hope for an upwardly mobile future for this football club, and have not yet been offered any reason to doubt that will be the case from CSI.

As their statement said last week when speaking of Steve Cotterill and his team: ‘We know there is more to come’.

For the sake of those fans with unanswered questions, we hope that is the case when it comes to speaking to those who love their club, too.