Service didn’t give me a lift

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I’ve always received excellent service from Aqua Cars, but last Saturday was a nightmare!

1.15pm: Taxi from home to Marmion Road, driver was rude, complained to Aqua.

3.15pm: Ordered taxi home from Marmion Road. I asked to be picked up at Waitrose car park.

3.30pm: Phoned Aqua to be told taxi had picked up someone else – grrrr.

3.40pm: Phoned Aqua, to be told second taxi had been and gone – grrrr.

3.48pm: Text from Aqua with registration number of THIRD taxi.

3.52pm: I can see taxi, jump into road waving arms, he drives past me....aarrrgggggh! I’ve got bright PINK hair, you can’t miss me.

Forty minutes, four phone calls, three taxis and eventually friends gave me a lift home.

Sorry Aqua, but for Saturday it’s my ‘Bum’s Rush Award’.