Service isn’t as good these days

Can we trust prices on supermarket shelves?
Can we trust prices on supermarket shelves?

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Check your supermarket till receipts, folks. Because it’s happened to me AGAIN.

Last month it was the Sainsbury store in Southsea that didn’t deduct money from a meat deal.

Now it’s the Co-op, also in Southsea, that hasn’t taken money off for a Chinese meal deal.

It was only 50 pence. But I reckon it’s better in my purse than in the Co-op’s till.

Yes, of course I had a right old toot. It appears that the supermarket’s computerised tills are controlled from head office.

The meal deal offer may have changed on the till, but still be on the supermarket shelves.

On Tuesday I threw a right strop in Boots chemist in Palmerston Road.

I’d just returned from Winchester where I’d had my right and left pelvis and two discs clunk-clicked back in by my superb osteopath, Geoff Evans.

But I needed a prescription filled out. So I nipped into Southsea, where a Boots counter assistant informed me it would be a 15-minute wait. I decided to go and collect my glasses (more of that later).

I returned to Boots more than an hour later to be told my prescription was not done and I’d need to wait another 15 minutes in the shop.

Grrr. I told the dispensing chemist, politely but in plain terms, that this was grossly inefficient and I was thinking about contacting Boots head office.

Folks, don’t you get fed up of the service provided in our High Street shops these days?

Now, on to more positive news. Having driven the lovely assistant in Specsavers in Southsea bonkers by trying on all the glasses frames, constantly changing my mind which ones I wanted, I eventually toddled in at 11am last Friday for my eye test.

The charming optician, Richard Leach, gave me a thorough going over girls. Best eye test I’ve ever had.

By Monday midday, Specsavers had phoned to say my glasses were ready for collection.

Now that’s what I call proper service.