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Eighteen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to Highbury College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter 

As 2015 is now upon us, we have a great opportunity to set some goals and objectives.

So often we make new year resolutions that many of us fail to stick to and we feel unenthusiastic and bogged down with day-to-day routines.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we were all guilty of not keeping to a resolution.

Day in, day out, many of us complain about the challenges of life. Our various responsibilities are presented as some sort of heavy weight pulling us down.

Why is it that we embrace the new year as an opportunity to temporarily change elements of our life?

As we step into 2015, it’s important we remain optimistic about the months ahead, regardless of our circumstances.

Often, if there is something unwelcome happening in our lives, we just need to accept that it is affecting us, but never allow it to destroy our true personalities.

Why should something that happened in 2014 affect us now?

I believe that we should look at this year as an opportunity for breakthrough.

Make this year be your chance to understand new things and work towards who you wish to be.

Very often, many of us are influenced by what other people do.

But what works for them may not necessarily work for us.

I believe this year should be a time when each individual really looks at where they are at.

If we set ourselves an objective to achieve by the end of this year, then we need to work towards it.

Our lives won’t progress by themselves. In order to succeed and thoroughly enjoy what we do, commitment and hard work is required.

I feel that the reason numerous individuals fail to sustain their new year resolutions is because they are unrealistic.

Don’t be somebody that sets the bar too high and is then unable to meet that goal.

Take this first full week of the year as a moment to contemplate your life and really consider what you would like to do.

I sometimes compare life to building a house. First, you need to set the foundations on which you will build.

They have to be reliable, solid and prepared to support what you do. After perseverance, hard work and passion, you would have a building which is set to stand and be enjoyed.

Don’t set goals that are too hard to reach. Instead have an objective that will encourage you once it’s achieved.