Shaking with cold as I got my vampire fix at the flicks

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I’ve just done something which made me feel exceptionally guilty. Let me explain. I’ve taken a few months off to work on writing my next book and promote the one that has just been published (The Ten Rules of Skimming – cheap plug there).

So I’m supposed to sit at my desk – when I’m not doing school visits – and cunningly craft characters and plots etc.

But I couldn’t resist the temptation. Just couldn’t. So on Friday morning I went to the cinema – alone – to see the final part of the Twilight saga.

I snuck off work and made excuses to myself as I am currently my own boss. Yes, that was me in the front row, happily scoffing a family-size bag of Maltesers (before the movie even started) and then shaking with cold throughout as Fareham Apollo was on the chilly side and I couldn’t very well ask a stranger if I could use their coat, could I?

That’s normally why I take my husband to the flicks, to keep me warm.

Like many men, he falls asleep about a third of the way through most movies, snores gently (thank goodness for the richness of Dolby stereo) and then wakes with a start as the credits role.

So as cinema-going partners rank, he is quite high. Why? Well, I get more than my fair share of the candy, he doesn’t pester me with chat and once he’s snoring I can steal his jacket and snuggle up in that.

But without him I had to sit there and shiver through Breaking Dawn part two and try to remember why I bother with the movies when the Edward in my books at home is so much better than Robert Pattinson portrays him.

Oh, to be fair, the film was okay. At least the main character, Bella Swan, got to show some gumption now she’s a vampire. Much better than the feeble frailty of the previous movies.

I’m glad that I went and got it over with, had my vampire fix and can now put that saga behind me before the next part.

The next part, I hear you wonder. Yep, that’s the coming Fifty Shades of Grey – the sexy spiced-up version of Twilight based on E L James’s fan fiction for Edward and Bella’s romance.

When it appears though, I will not be going to the cinema alone to see that. A solitary figure shivering in the front row? I think not.