She’s a goddess tubby or trim

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Fellas, you may be excited as your wife starts her new year diet that you’re going to get back the svelte sexy Brit babe you fell in love with.

Just like the recent weight loss company’s TV advert.

Basically the husband’s lovey-dovey voiceover has him cooing over how he isn’t really bothered about his wife’s weight gain, but she is.

Then it goes to a shot of wifey, now slim and gorgeous, and hubby’s saying she looks as good as when they married 17 years ago, and can’t believe why she is still with him. Well, who’s a lucky boy then?

Because I’m telling 
you fellas, if you bulldoze your fat bird into getting slimmer, and do not acknowledge her inner goddess, you could be in trouble.

I know many women who’ve dropped the weight and then dropped the bloke as well.