She’s turned her life around and changed perceptions

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It’s been a manic week and I feel that I’ve achieved loads but at the same time absolutely nothing. Do you get those kind of weeks?

I’ve travelled around the UK – well, to Essex and back (that’s another country right?) and been to a zillion TV meetings.

All of which is very exciting but nothing has been confirmed as a result, meaning that, as good as they were, there’s nothing really concrete to talk to you about.

However, I can tell you about one celebrity I met on my travels – Jodie Marsh.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but I’ve got to be honest with you when I say she was an incredibly inspirational person.

She is genuinely a woman to look up to and admire. Why? Because she’s done what other celebs have tried and failed to do.

What I’m referring to is how she’s managed to change the public’s perception of her by turning her life around. And boy has she done it well.

Having once made a name for herself for being Jordan’s notorious glamour model rival and for wearing that infamous army outfit which covered very little, Jodie has now transformed her life – and her body – by becoming a bodybuilder.

She is quite literally the female version of what Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the 1990s – minus the height. Because Jodie is tiny.

To top off her personal and professional achievements, a Sky TV programme exploring her personal experiences of bullying was the highest-watched show for that particular channel.

As well as changing perceptions and her appearance, she has also set up her own fitness and dietary supplement company.

I understand that it’s now one of the fastest-growing fitness companies in the UK.

Not bad for a girl from Essex, who once took part in a reality TV show to find herself a husband.

I realise that Jodie, like so many other people who spend their life in the public eye, will always have admirers and those who can’t stand her.

But whatever you make of her, you just have to admit that the girl’s done good.