She Wolf Shakira meets sea lion

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Bruce Springsteen is the subject of a new museum exhibit in Philadelphia. The display will feature a variety of memorabilia including hand-written set lists and clothing and runs until September 3. But it will probably come back for three encores through until October 14!

Shakira has revealed that she was recently attacked by a sea lion in South Africa when she was trying to take pictures. I think this is quite interesting news if you’re a TV producer. We’ve had loads of those shows recently where celebrities spend time with animals in various parts of the world, either swimming with dolphins or spending time with horses or dogs, like Martin Clunes has done in the past. Plus, we’ve also had lots of those more dangerous wildlife shows like When Animals Attack.

Wouldn’t you like to see When Animals Attack celebrities? We could draw-up a list of the least favourite celebs in public life and then dump them somewhere in the wild surrounded by some of nature’s scariest creatures, all desperate for a meal. How about Lions of the Serengeti cosy up with Kerry Katona or Killer Whales Meet Christine Bleakley?

Madonna’s latest single has flopped, despite being launched to one of the largest TV audiences in history as she performed it at the US Super Bowl. Apparently, most of the people who saw her perform just thought, ‘wow, that Lady Gaga’s let herself go, hasn’t she?’

Sales of digital albums have increased by more than 40 percent in the last year. Now, you might think this is something to celebrate, but I think it’s bad news. Here’s why. With digital albums, because you can hide all the stuff you’ve got on your computers or iPods, you don’t have to worry about your friends finding out you’ve bought anything embarrassing.

But, if you bought CDs, you couldn’t buy really embarrassing stuff because it would be on display in your CD rack for everyone to see. But now that fear has gone. And you know what this means? Well, basically, all of the extra 40 per cent of albums we bought last year are rubbish. They’re albums we’d normally be embarrassed to own, but don’t have to worry about any more.

We should be ashamed of ourselves!

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