Should I get her what she wants, or buy a surprise?

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Mild panic is the best way to describe my feelings at the moment.

With less than two weeks to go to Christmas, I’ve bought nothing.

Maybe I should just spend a morning online and do everything that way.

I can get it all delivered to work, even though my boss, who sits by the front door, has refused to sign for any more staff parcels!

Since my wife Sarah’s birthday in October, a steady stream of e-mails have arrived with small ‘suggestions’ of what she would like for Christmas.

But surely I should take some time out and go to Commercial Road and Gunwharf Quays, search the shops and buy what I feel would make the perfect gift?

Is it a cop-out to order something she’s told me she really wants?

I almost feel that those e-mails should be sent straight to my trash can and that I should do the leg work.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Whatever I choose to do, there is pressure.

If I buy the Ugg boots, then I’ve taken the easy route.

If I buy her an Xbox, I’m sleeping in the garden shed.

Then there are friends and family to think about. Boy, this Christmas stuff is tough.

I miss those childhood days when it was all about the receiving, not the giving!

I get two Christmas Days, one on the mainland and then one on Boxing Day with family on the Isle of Wight.

I get two days of pressure, hoping I have bought the right present.

My mum asks for the most boring things under the sun, so surely using my initiative will bring a huge smile to her face? I hope she likes Susan Boyle.

I envy you if Christmas present ideas come easy and you’re focused and determined in your shopping.

You’re in and out in a few hours, then you make sure the presents are wrapped and ready to go long before we even start playing Mariah Carey on the radio.

Please think of me and many more men on Christmas Eve, doing what comes more naturally than removing lip skin on Sellotape – panic buying!