Should I stay or should I zoom off? '“ Zella Compton

Slightly different than seeing blue lights behind you on the motorway is seeing a police car cruising along in front of you, nonchalantly minding its own business.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 1:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 2:50 pm
Ever been stuck behind a slow-moving police car desperate to overtake but too scared?

I hate that, and the indecision which it causes. Like the fundamental one '“ should you overtake a police car cruising in the slow lane?

Who hasn't wondered about the accuracy of their speedometer, compared to that of the police vehicle?

When you're there quite convinced that you're travelling at 70mph, but the police car and everyone else in its embarrassed entourage is wending their way along at 65mph.

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It's a situation and a half isn't it? Watching more and more people crawl up behind you and then tuck into the '˜I'm not speeding' parade position.

I do wonder if the police view this build-up behind them with a sense of amusement, the '˜shall we slow it down and see how many we can flummox' situation.

A fine Sunday afternoon's sport on the M3.

I found myself paralysed, completely in a mess in this exact situation about whether to sniggle-by, at approx one mile an hour faster than the lead car, and pray that my speedometer was seeing me right.

But, having done this previously I knew that I'd feel the embarrassment creeping up my neck, turning me red with guilt about everything I've done vaguely naughty in my life, never mind that I honestly believe I am not speeding.

And it always seems to take forever as you edge, unconfidently, inch by inch ahead, looking dead straight, desperately not wanting to see if they're clocking you as a rampant speeder, at 68mph.

I decided against overtaking this week, surrounded by the other reluctants.

We were drawn together in a bizarre gang, the process really the stuff of a social study, as we caused a mini blockade of indecision.

Until, that is, a nifty black car zoomed up from nowhere to brazen it out much to the shock and horror of all of us who'd spent the last 20 minutes being '“ no doubt '“ laughed at by the police for being absolute chickens when it comes to respecting the law.

Huge sanitary bins leave no room for '˜comfort' breaks 

Am I the only woman who is frustrated by the size of sanitary towel bins in toilet cubicles? 

Men, this is the situation.

Public ladies' cubicles come with a toilet '“ no surprise there '“ but rammed up alongside it, nine times out of 10, is a ruddy great foot pedal bin, the same level or higher than the toilet seat, that fits uncomfortably between cubicle wall and the bowl, thus leaving no room whatsoever for larger ladies to sit in comfort without their flesh being speared.

To recreate the effect, pop your kitchen bin next to your loo and see how comfortable that is for you.

It's time we took a stand and encouraged those responsible to slim down their products.

'˜You need this rainbow toilet brush holder in your life!'

Fake reviews have been in the news with companies seemingly providing free products for those who review their wares favourably on Amazon and other sites.  

You buy the goods then, once you've written a five star review, you get a refund on your product, and to keep it.

If the review isn't that great, you're not refunded.  It's common knowledge that personal recommendation works wonders, which is why the reviews are so useful for us average customers.

But it's quite easy to spot a fake one. Fake ones are all about people needing whichever product it is in their lives. And honestly, if it says '˜you'll love this', run a mile '“ or at least avert your eyes with haste.